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By David Buuck,Juliana Spahr

"This experimental paintings isn't really for the faint of center, however it is laced with meditations that would attract readers curious about poetry’s position within the world."--Publishers Weekly "I am fascinated with their recognition to inequality, to questions of violence and neighborhood: anything borne out via the collaboration itself."--Bhana Kapil's top Books of 2013 at the Volta "An military of enthusiasts explores the liminal areas the place towns and participants come jointly and stand aside with unusual, brainy grace."--Michelle Tea, writer of Mermaid in Chelsea Creek "By technique of a sequence of stylistically and tonally a number of prose segments (by turns reflexive and dialogic, ironic and depressive, unhinged and hallucinatory, wetly emotional and dryly wry, together with a detournement of a Raymond Carver story), the publication facilities, emotionally, at the ebb and movement of what it calls 'struggle-force.' Signature drone moves, torture, ecological cave in, environmental affliction and persistent fatigue syndrome: it is all connected." --Miranda Mellis, Rain Taxi "The ebook bargains many ways of drawing close the age-old questions What makes anything artwork and What makes a person a good citizen, in addition to (if now not basically) exploring the ways that the solutions to those questions may intersect. extra impressively, it does so with no being didactic and but with out being imprecise, as such a lot of efforts at high-concept artwork are inclined to be."--Evan Karp, SF Weekly "Fantastical, lyrical, whimsical and wildly experimental, a military of fans is as critical because it is absurd."--Christopher Higgs, HTMLGIANT "Authors who co-write frequently produce halves that refuse to coalesce, yet East Bay poets Juliana Spahr and David Buuck fuse with terrific leads to this brief experimental novel. it is the tale of Demented Panda and Koki, poets united via a wish to write politically engaged works. Wounded, bored, encouraged and skeptical, they soldier on via a panorama of poisonous spills, customer extra, unusual juxtapositions and trance states."--Georgia Rowe, San Jose Mercury information "Authors Spahr and Buuck, who look during this novel as Bay quarter poets 'Koki' and 'Demented Panda,' kind it up all of the means from magical realism to 'new journalism' and Raymond Carver Cathedralspeak, yet it is the weary 'I cannot cross on. I’ll pass on' optimism at which wounded veterans of the military of fans excel. Theirs is a rigorous booklet, and a publication of marvels, with anything humorous, anything painful, stirring on each page."--Kevin Killian, writer of Spreadeagle "This picaresque tale concerning the 'particular lostness' of poetry, the methods poems regularly win and the lives of self-described 'mediocre' poets is de facto beautiful hilarious! It’s additionally shrewdpermanent, incisive and politically astute. Now, to the barricades!"--Rebecca Brown, writer of yank Romances: Essays a military of enthusiasts starts off with the tale of 2 poets, Demented Panda and Koki, united of their wish to write politically engaged poetry at a time while poetry turns out to have misplaced its skill to impact social swap. Their first undertaking is greater than a failure, leading to a spell that unleashes a torrent of uncooked sewage and surrealistic embodiments of consumerist extra and black web site torture options. next chapters function an experimental composer (Koki?) and a functionality artist (Panda?) whose our bodies are actually invaded with the ills of capitalism, manifested via leaking blisters and different maladies, in addition to an intensive remix of a Raymond Carver tale, wondering “What We speak about once we discuss Poetry.” the radical concludes with Panda and Koki returning to the positioning in their failed collaboration to conjure up a extra utopian imaginative and prescient of “an military of lovers.” Fantastical, lyrical, whimsical and wildly experimental, a military of fans is as critical because it is absurd.

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